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Your all-in-one kit for Startup founders, Entrepreneurs and Small businesses

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Your all-in-one kit for Startup founders, Entrepreneurs and Small businesses

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Designed for aiding the techstartup, online business and small or medium business

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Get personalized legal support from our team of startup / SME’s legal experts. We offer legal consultancy services

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We recognise the money and time it takes to getting the legal support you need to set up your operations and so we empower you to establish legally compliant operations so you can focus your time and money on your core business.

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We are always ready to help with any questions and provide frequent assistance incase you need guidance on legal issues.

StartBox is your pocket legal buddy if you are an individual, a small or a small to medium-sized business owner interested in fast, accessible and affordable legal services in the form of legal document templates, general step-by-step guidance on standard legal procedures and quick consultation with a lawyer on compliance for your business.

These are standardized legal documents you are likely to need in your business such as standard supply agreements, employment contracts and affidavits. We have thought through the needs of a small to medium sized business owner, and prepared individual documents which you can access and customize by filling in your specifications.

Instead of accessing individual documents, you can purchase an entire package of templates for your customization! Just look through the descriptions of each package, find which one is most suitable for your business needs, preview them, and purchase at a great package deal.

Yes! We are at your service for a free consultation on any questions you might have. The first hour is free, after which we charge Ksh 1000 per hour